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Contracting Services for Oilfields and More

Trutec Contracting: Grande Cache’s Builders

Trutec Contracting is a small, family-owned business providing industrial insulation to the oil and gas industry. Trutec Contracting first formed in 2006 after Blair Schultz, owner, decided to own and operate his own business. Starting with just 2 employees in the beginning, we’ve grown operations to a solid 10 employees for the past few years.

Industrial Insulation

We specialize in industrial pipe insulation, urethane metal buildings, self-framer buildings, glycol heat tracing, removable covers and utilidors. We perform work for almost every major player in the oil industry throughout Canada. Our Trutec team takes great pride in their work and are accountable for the workmanship we provide. This has helped us grow to a top notch company in our industry with an outstanding reputation for our quality, high production, exceptional safety programs and safe work practices.

Outstanding Performance

Trutec Contracting’s strong reputation and dedication led to the creation one of the most compliant safety programs in the industry, resulting in the presentation of the Safety Award from EnCana, Canadian Foothills, in 2008. Trutec Contracting received the award for our outstanding performance in safety excellence. Trutec will carry this momentum into 2015 and continues to see both our quality of service and our status within the industry increase.

Trutec Contracting Services

Our services include:

  • Metal buildings self-framer building and urethane panel buildings
  • Utilidors
  • Industrial pipe insulating
  • Glycol heat tracing
  • Vessel and tank insulation
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Windows, doors and hardware
  • Removable and reusable covers

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