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Construction Safety

Trutec Contracting: Maintaining a Safe Work Environment

Our management team of Trutec Contracting works closely with our employees and clients to ensure a 100% safe culture is implemented and maintained in every aspect of our work. We will not compromise safety!


Trutec Contracting has the ultimate goal to protect all workers, the public, property and the environment from incident and injury. We are proud to have an extensive safety training program in place, to ensure all employees have the knowledge and understanding that is required to go to work.


Through practical training programs, the employees of Trutec Contracting have the chance to continuously grow in knowledge, skill and competency, and are assessed by supervisors to ensure their best work.


Trutec Contracting values safety and is SECOR certified in Alberta with Alberta Construction Association as certifying partners. We are also full members of the ACSA, ISNetworld and ComplyWorks.


For more information about how we create a safe environment for everyone involved, please contact us today.

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