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Trutec Contracting: Serving Grande Cache and Surrounding Areas

Trutec Contracting works in Grande Cache as well as the surrounding areas to provide the necessary supplies and contract work you need for your oilfield or industrial site. We provide several services, including:

Industrial Pipe Insulation

Trutec Contracting work with a variety of insulations appropriate for piping. Depending on the level of insulation required, we work with varieties like fibreglass, wool and rubber for hot and cold piping. Prevent corrosion on your pipes by ensuring they are properly insulated.

Urethane Panel Buildings

Urethane panel buildings help withstand extreme temperatures with this type of rigid insulation. Urethane panels are noted for their durability over time.

Self-Framer Buildings

The fabrication of self-framer buildings on-site is essential for getting a job started and completed. These structures are constructed with strict adherence to all regulations and codes. We provide safe buildings to suit the needs of your project or site.

Glycol Heat Tracing

Keeping pipes, pumps, boilers and other equipment insulated during extreme cold is important in Grande Cache and other areas in Alberta. Glycol heat tracing allows for heated glycol to run around the pipe or equipment, maintaining heat output and input.

Reusable Covers

Reusable covers are great for piping or valves. These moveable, insulated covers can keep equipment warm and safe during freezing temperatures.


Additionally, insulation to piping or equipment can be added with utilidors, or small boxes that are built around different sections of the oilfield. This is a cost-effective method with great insulating benefits for oilfield and construction sites.

To learn more about any of the contracting services we offer, get in touch today.


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